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Mad Flunky
By Alternative
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #46

Mad Flunky

This was originally released under the title of Flunky - looks like Alternative have added the 'Mad' bit just to make it sound that extra tad-ette wild and wacky. Wacky it may be, but it also takes a bit of thought.

Here's the story. You've been snatched up out of the Labour Exchange as the likely candidate for a career as butler in Buckingham Palace. All the royals have their own personal needs and desires, and unless you manage to meet them (bring Fergie some freckles, for example), you've had it. Success involves exploring the palace, carrying the right object at the right time and trying not to get zapped by one of the guards.

Good fun for a bit, especially considering the bright, bold, colourful graphics but the puzzles can get a bit confusing and aren't really all that mad. Worth checking out.