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Mad Doctor
By Creative Sparks
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #48

Mad Doctor

Creative Sparks breathe new life into the old Frankenstein myth with a cute graphic arcade adventure.

The idea is to help Dr. Blockenspiel create a monster. But it's not any old monster the Mad Doc wants to make. He wants his monster to be loved!!

He wants his monster to be so nice so that the people of the little village of Strudelburg will accept it as a friend - which is not an easy task.

First you have to help the Doc find bits for his monster in the local graveyard or cemetery - or you can go around killing the villagers for spare parts. This often leads to nasty scenes in the village in,, however, and isn't recommended!

Then you have to animated the monster by taking it up to the mystic stone circle and getting it struck by lightning. If you've succeeded in putting together a monster from all the right parts, he will be quite friendly.

If not, you'll have a rampaging beast on your hands who will set about turning you into a collection of spare parts!

You have to do all this without arousing the curiosity or hatred of the villagers. If you do then your project is doomed. All the irritating peasants turn on you if they find out exactly what you're up to!

The game is in the Grand Larceny/Zim Sala Bim mode of arcade adventure. You use a joystick and there are text commands to be used too.

Mad Doctor is great value and will keep you hooked for ages. But remember - don't forget the bolt!