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The Micro User

Lunar Rescue
By Alligata
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.10

Help Save Those Poor Earthlings

A colourful test of your abilities. Lunar Rescue (Alligata) puts you in charge of returning your stranded fellow earthlings to the safety of your mothership.

On your command the hatch of the ship opens to begin your hazardous journey through a lethal asteroid storm to narrow landing pads below.

If you reach the ground successfully a grateful survivor races to safety and your ship automatically takes off again. Here the danger really begins as the asteroids turn into enemy ships which must be blasted out of your path before you can guide your rescue ship up to dock with the mothercraft.

If you miss the ship, your passenger plummets screaming lo the ground. If you collide with it you lose one of your precious three rescue chances.

An addictive and entertaining version of a classic arcade idea. Good value.

Jane Jackson

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