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Los Angeles Swat
By Entertainment USA
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #22

Los Angeles Swat

A huge gang of terrorists has taken over the west side of Los Angeles - it's up to you and your crack SWAT team to clear the streets and save the hostages who are being held by the gang. Your squad consists of three SWAT officers, each armed with a powerful Uzi machine gun. The gang has no automatic weapons, but they do wield clubs and throw petrol bombs.

The screen scrolls vertically with the action. The aim is to make your way to the crossroads at the end of the street and defeat the gang which attacks en masse. If all the violators are disposed of, the gang leader appears, complete with hostage. Shoot the gang leader (but not the hostage!) to gain bonus points - shooting the innocent victim loses points.

Progress to a junction is hampered by marauding do-badders which attempt to club your SWAT man to death. Some even throw petrol bombs, although they occasionally blow themselves to bits! Rooftop-based snipers are positioned along the route and take pot shots at you. A hail of gunfire has to be avoided as the sniper can't be killed.

Los Angeles Swat

Innocent OAPs also roam the streets and points are lost when one is accidentally shot. The action carries on in this fashion until all your team are dead - the road is long and the gang is eager to wreak havoc.


If I was a pompous prat, I'd moan on and on about the morals of gratuitous violence in computer games. But I won't, because it's harmless and brilliant fun.

Shooting the marauding gang members is most enjoyable, but the best bit is when a petrol-bomber fumbles his Molotov Cocktail and dies in flames.

Los Angeles Swat

The action does get a bit repetitive, but it only costs two quid so who's complaining? Not me.


Los Angeles Swat is sick - and I love it. The graphics are quite crude, but they work well enough, and the tune played during the game is abysmal.

But it's all such fun - mercilessly gunning down gangs, and sometimes innocent bystanders, certainly made my day. Occasionally monotonous, but highly playable and cheap enough to warrant a purchase.


Los Angeles Swat

This is tasteless beyond belief, but great fun. Shooting down hundreds of men seems like a totally sick thing to do - I suppose people wll drone on about how immoral this is, but after all it's only a computer game and you're doing nothing more than a little spriticide.

The graphics aren't exactly brilliant, but they work well enough. The sound is a bit dull though.

Los Angeles Swat is great fun to play, and at this price it shouldn't be missed!


Los Angeles Swat

Presentation 71%
Reasonable title screen and a high-score feature.

Graphics 56%
Nothing outstanding, but they clearly display the proceedings.

Sound 29%
Simple spot effects and a dire tune.

Los Angeles Swat

Hookability 82%
Oozes appeal from the first burst of lead!

Lastability 62%
The going gets tough, although a little repetitive.

Value For Money 86%
Lots of gratuitous binary violence for a pittance.

Overall 74%
A cheap and very playable vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up.