Los Angeles Police Department

Publisher: Players
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #89

Los Angeles Police Department

In Los Angeles Police Department, you're a special agent who's been attached to the LAPD by request of the commissioner of police. Gangs of armed thugs roam the streets and, although the ordinary coppers are powerless to stop them, you're armed with a 9mm Uzi to blow them away.

The game is viewed Operation Wolf style (i.e. slow, horizontally scrolling) with the thugs popping up from the bottom of the screen or running on from the sides. But wherever they appear from the bad guys take pot shots at you with a variety of weaponry, the result being a heavy dose of lead poisoning followed by death.

The only way to avoid going home in a body bag is to fire back. A floating cursor (your gunsight) can be guided across the screen and a press of the fire button turns the hoods into lead-filled swiss cheese. As the villains bit the concrete, they sometimes leave behind handy bonuses, which include extra ammo, First Aid kits and body armour.

Even though LAPD is an Operation Wolf-style shoot-'em-up. It also bears more than a passing resemblance to Predator II; Indeed, I half expected to see the nightmarish dreadlocked head appear at any moment! This game style is getting on now, but LAPD is tough to master and on a budget label is well worth the asking price.