Loaded (Gremlin) Review | Mean Machines Sega - Everygamegoing


By Interplay
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #46


This is an excellent conversion of the gory Playstation game that appeared at the beginning of this year. Looking much like an animated 2000AD strip, the game sees you select one of six criminal reprobates (each with different weapons, armour and agility) to bust out of a maximum security prison.

It's actually a bit more complicated than that, but minor details like plot soon fall by the wayside as you torch everything to oblivion.

Although undeniably repetitive, there's a wide variety of opponents - everything from rats to straight-jacketed head-butting psychos are thrown into the mix. Clear the way with the weapon of your choice - the office favourite is the flame-thrower, which leaves bloody scorch stains on the walls behind your victims.

Not recommended for playing in front of sensitive grandparents.


Overall 93%
Outrageous, gory, brutal and compelling. Loaded rocks.