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Home Computing Weekly

By Byteware
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

One of the most commonly used clips from Tron is the scene with the lightcycles streaking across the screen. Well, it's from that that this game takes its name.

It won't signal a new era in computer games, and in fact the real basis of the game is that old favourite - Wraptrap. Nevertheless, I'm sure lots of people will get lots of fun from it.

You control your lightcycle from the keyboard, left/right - left hand, up/down - right hand, which is much easier as the four keys are close together in that scheme.

Meanwhile, the pursuing cycles career around madly and at random, often trapping themselves in their own vapour trail.

Indeed, whereas with the usual Wraptrap you try and outmanoeuvtre the computer, here it's often best to just stay out of trouble and let the computer trap itself.

The opposing cycles increase up to five, then it's colour change and back to one again.

Perhaps it's because of the need to keep the speed of the action up, but the graphics are a little disappointing and the sound effects aren't special. However, I liked the balance between skill and chance.


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