Computer Gamer

Legend Of The Knucker-Hole
By Americana
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #21

Legend Of The Knucker-Hole

Another dragon is on the rampage, terrorising another kingdom. The king has offered his daughter's hand in marriage to anybody who disposes of the threat. (Princesses really do have a bad time. If they are not being kidnapped, they are being given away to any Tom, Dick or Harry who just happens to behead a dragon. What a life!)

Jet Boot Jack decides to take up the challenge. He is told by a friendly wizard that brute strength will not be enough to see off the dragon - he will need a magic potion and the wizard just happens to have one if Jet Boot Jack will find the Six Bells of the Holy Tower which are hidden in the Knucker Chambers and return them to him.

The Knucker Holes are constructed in a series of Zones and Jet Boot Jack must pass through them in turn as he searches for the bells. Each zone consists of a series of descending platforms, usually with a couple of switches at either end which deactivate the monsters allowing passage to the next lower level. There are death rays to be leapt as well as lifts in later screens.

All this must be done against a time limit. Extra lives are awarded at the completion of each zone, the number depending on the skill level chosen.

This is a jolly little platform game. Nothing outstanding or original, but quite good fun nevertheless.