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Last Sunset For Lattica
By Arcade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #20

Last Sunset For Lattica


ACCORDING to the insert, Last Sunset for Lattica represents a distant world where, amid a maze of crumbling building, you have to locate a bomb and defuse it before it blows the entire planet to smithereens.

You are pursued by androids and you must avoid the walls, which are electrified; on the other hand, scattered about are life potions which will give you a new life if you are zapped.

That is the story but this game for the 48K Spectrum is so fast-moving that you will probably forget all about it in the heat of the action.

The fact that you can fire only in the direction in which you last moved tests the reactions even further and if you achieve a high score, you will get a new screenful of hazards. There are several levels of play.

Not a very original concept and the graphics are simple but this is still an exciting, action-packed game which could well prove addictive.

Last Sunset for Lattica is from Arcade Software, Technology House, 32 Chislehurst Road, Orpington, Kent BRG 0DG and costs £5.50.

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