Mean Machines Sega

Krusty's Fun House

Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #7

Krusty's Fun House

Everyone knows about the famous, er, reproductive capabilities of rabbits, but not many people know that the humble rat "goes to it" with just as much gusto - if not more! These pesky critters churn them out like a sausage factory.

This little-known fact is something Krusty the Clown has discovered to his dismay, as the randy rodents have chosen *his* fun house to transform into a rat-ridden maternity clinic with a baby rat dropping out faster than you can say Rat-O-Kill! The place is crawling with the little varmints and it's up to you, as Krusty, to work your way through the 50+ rooms of his house of funny business, rounding up all the rats and guiding them to their doom at the hands of a sinister henchman at the helm of the rodent-wasting Machine of Doom.

This task isn't as easy as it sounds, since the rats are about as intelligent as Norman Lamont on a Wednesday. So by strategicaly placing blocks, repairing broken pipes, wasting the ill-assorted bunch of baddies the object is to pave the way for a smooth passage to the great rat-house in the sky.


Krusty's Fun House

Krusty, the bad-tempered clown is a Matt Groening creation and stars in his cult TV programme - The Simpsons.

How To Play

Guide Krusty through dozens of puzzling levels herding themoronic rats to their doom in the rat-catcher.

Pieces Of Ate

Deadly weapons aren't the only things stashed in the mysterious purple boxes - there are a whole heap of power-ups to collect in the same manner. These include bags, burgers, drinks and a corkscrew-type thing, all of which give you energy as well as clown-shaped 1-UPs. Blue blocks scattered around are picked up by standing on them and pressing Down.

Krusty's Fun House

These also act as a useful ladder for Krusty and the rats to reach inaccessible books, or to block up broken pipes. Yellow blocks are kickable but cannot be destroyed. Lastly, by standing on a blue block and pressing Down and jumping simultaneously, Krusty jumps much higher and he takes the block with him. There are also springs, enabling him to jump higher still, not forgetting moveable blowers to blow the rats towards their goals.

Tears Of A Clown

The cantankerous clown is constantly bombarded by the bullets fired by a variety of weird and wonderful enemies. He doesn't die for the first few hits but he gradually gets more and more worn down - eventually huffing and puffing enough to give Ivor the Engine a run for his money, before finally kicking the bucket.

To combat the onslaught of the vindictive scum, Krusty is able to accumulate an arsenal comprising rock-hard cannonballs or, aptly, custard pies, simply by placing a well-aimed kick at the purple boxes that litter his house.

Krusty's Fun House

As well as putting the meanies out of action, notching up points in the process, he also uses the balls to bash down the walls that block hidden passageways.

Time is a major feature of this game - Krusty receives a time bonus if he finishes the levels in double quick time. It's always better to sort the rats out before pursuing the bonuses because sometimes they rush towards their destination and get stuck in an inaccessible hole, which means a whole heap of hair-tearing frustration when there's no choice but to abort (by pressing PAUSE and Button 2). On some sub-levels, there's a hidden bonus room accessed by kicking the special bonus blocks. Some have an incredibly tough time limit added - if they are not completed in time, the final door doesn't lock, so you have to start all over again. D'oh!!


Do my eyes deceive me? Can this really be an 8-bit game? Because looking at this wickedly fun puzzle-cum-platform romp you could swear it was the Megadrive version. This is an absolutely stonking conversion with excellent animation on the main Krusty sprite - especially when he falls, dies or gets impatient when you leave him standing too long.

Krusty's Fun House

The way the rats are wasted in a variety of sick but hilarious ways is also wonderful. I suppose I have to object to the main theme of the game - cold-bloodedly murdering innocent rats with obvious relish is enough to get any animal lover screaming for the RSPCA. But for all that it's really good fun and completely addictive, if very frustrating at times - like when you have to get through a bonus room within an ultra-tough time limit or when the route between the rats and the death machine seems impossible to bridge.

But if you possess a Master System and a keen brain, Krusty's Fun House is an essential purchase.


Krusty's Fun House is a bit of an unsung classic, so Master System owners should celebrate the fact that nothing is missing in this conversion. After browsing over the screenshots, it shouldn't need me to tell you that Krusty's on the 8-bit Sega machine is pretty amazing! What's more, it plays and moves in exactly the same way as its Megadrive predecessor.

Krusty's Fun House

Incredibly, every feature is included, right down to the crazy little Egyptian dance that Krusty performs should he wait in one place for too long. Gameplay-wise, the game is far less fussy than the other, similar puzzle types available and generally more entertaining as a result.

Control over Krusty is perfect, making for an extremely playable platform/puzzle game minus the frustration. The music begins to grate after a while; however, the same is true of both the Megadrive and Super NES versions. Some of the amusing sound effects are missing but the characteristic "Hi Kids!" still remains, along with the "Whey Hey!" upon the completion of each level. Master System owners could do with a bit of variety at the moment and there's no better character to fit the bill than Springfield's favourite clown!


Presentation 91%
P. A nice introduction from the great man himself and attractive title screen.
N. There are no options - but with this sort of game, you don't really need them.

Krusty's Fun House

Graphics 93%
P. Absolutely superb! Some of the best graphics ever seen on the Master System - it's hard to tell the difference between this and the Megadrive version. Some great animation from the main Krusty sprite and particularly at the rats' demise.

Sound 84%
P. The same rousing tunes as the Megadrive version and good sound effects...
N. But the Master System's limited sound capabilities tends to make the tunes grind on your nerves after a while.

Playability 92%
P. Puzzles galore of all shapes and sizes all with a good level of challenge. It's fast, fun and utterly addictive.

Lastability 91%
P. Dozens of tasking levels which get tougher as the game goes on ensure that it's not one you'll finish in too much of a hurry. The password system is a great bonus.

Overall 91%
An absolutely topper puzzle game which will have your brain tied up in knots but will still drag you back for more. Definitely worth the money.