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Home Computing Weekly

Kosmik Pirate
By Elephant
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

This adventure/arcade is really original. Why? Because you're the baddie! You're cast as captain of an outdated spacecraft, Red Beard 2, wreaking havoc by zapping innocent spaceships.

After you have successfully disabled a craft you are at liberty to send your crew of drones and cellular beings on board to plunder anything which might be of future use.

Beware at all times of disaster. It's an old ship and reliability isn't guaranteed. Beware also of your crew.

Apparently the crew was built by the OOzas, who you have presumably left strewn in little pieces across the galaxy. It is said that ENTER was mystical to them, so you are warned not to touch that key. Do take this advice.

The attack simulation gives some of the best 3D effects I have seen, but the controls are erractic.

Should your score exceed 9,000 you will be transported to earth as world dictator. Your first task is to have tea. After that you're really on your own.


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