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Koronis Rift
By Activision
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #11

Koronis Rift

This game forms the first of the second lot of games from Lucasfilm, the first two being Ballblazer and Fractalus; once again, the graphics are stunning, unreal comes to mind.

The game is really a sequel to Fractalus, only it looks like a quick-plot change has taken place. You play the part of a "techno-scavenger", hunting around trying to find machines that belonged to "The Ancients"; these seem to be worth quite a bit nowadays, taking into account the Great Madness and all that. However, after a computer malfunction on your ship, you find yourself in orbit around the legendary Koronis Rift (pronounced "ko-ro-nis"), home to many a treasure, and what makes it even better is the fact that the place is deserted, mega-bucks lighting up on your calculator as you go down for a closer look.

Alas, the ancient defence network does not know that times have changed, and promptly attacks you. This does not make your task an easy one.

Your ship can hold six cargoes, but your guns and radar take up two compartments, sell them at your peril! You also have a cute little droid craft that does all the looting for you, but to send him out, you have to land, and the coast has to be clear.

The graphics have become slightly more refined since Fractalus. There aren't as many mountains, so the whole landscape is much more believable. The shading on the ship is also very good, and takes advantage of the Atari's graphics to the full.

The aliens and hulls have also become much better, having a definite shape about them now, this helps give the game more purpose. Joystick response is sometimes confusing. I don't mean that it's awful, it just isn't very good.

The section onboard your own ship, when the machines are analysed is superb, a robot looks at everything as it passes along a conveyor belt, he can take the stuff to bits for you, the animation is well laid out, and thoughtfully sequenced.

The levels of difficulty are changed when you return back to the main ship, each level of difficulty is called a rift, the only difference that I could see is that the meanies get meaner.

After a while of playing the game, you can't help thinking that the game is exactly the same as Fractalus, with a different storyline. If you liked Fractalus, you will love this. If you're about to buy Fractalus, buy this instead, it's much better.