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Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

The gorilla has got the girl, and you must rescue her.

You would think that she would be more careful after that business in New York, but no.

No sooner is she rescued than she's caught again, and you repeat the performance scoring 100 points for each successful mission.

Avoid barrels thrown by Kong and holes in the floor which you can jump across.

I found this game to be quite enjoyable and relaxing to play, since there is no time limit involved. Even so, it was difficult to reach high scores - those barrels can be tricky!

The screen presentation is neat, with pleasing use of sound. The game can be played using keyboard or joysticks.

One minor annoyance is the need to use ENTER when responding to the instructions prompt - this can be avoided simply by changing the INPUT statement to a CALL KEY routine - but that is my only quibble, in all other respects this program functions well, loading easily and apparently bug free.


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