Kokotoni Wilf

Publisher: Encore
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #51

Kokotoni Wilf

Personally, I think time travel is over-rated. I mean, who wants to go whizzing around all ages, finding out what's going to happen in the future, having to sit and listen to all your relatives when they're as old as the bloody hills? Mind you, it would be handy to catch the pools results before the matches are played!

Ulrich, on the other hand, has no such thoughts in his head. All he wishes to do is find all the pieces of the Dragon Amulet, making him a more powerful wizard than he is at the moment. Of course, these fragments are scattered through time (surprise!) and old Richy doesn't want to go whizzing around himself. So he sends his trusty manservant, Wilf. With only a pair of magic wings, given to him by the magician, Wilf sets out on his quest. A quest which will take him, and you, on a mission through time, braving the onslaught of anything that the fourth dimension can hurl at you.

The best way to describe Kokotoni Wilf, I suppose, would be to say that it's sort of Jet Set Willy with wings. It's very much in the platforms and ladders mould, but instead of climbing up and down ladders, you have wings strapped to your shoulders. A novel idea, I think you'll agree. While graphically pleasing for a game of its age, I must say that colour has been overused throughout, especially when you see things such as scarlet dinosaurs! Another annoying aspect is that the difficulty setting is way over the top, demanding absoutely precise reflexes. Kokotoni Wilf does have its flaws, yet proves extremely difficult to leave alone. The flying is a novel approach, and that, along with good presentation, should make it a success in the high street.