Knight Lore
By Ultimate
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Knight Lore

The adventures of Sabreman are finally drawing to a close with the release of Knight Lore.

After the encounter with the Sabre Wulf, our hero has now reached Knight Lore castle. His aim is to seek the Wizard, who can rid him of a spell which turns Sabre Man into a werewolf during the hours of moonlight.

This game really is what I call a graphical adventure. You have to guide Sabreman through the hundreds of rooms in the castle, avoiding the obstacles and collecting any treasures.

Knight Lore

What makes it special is that it's all in 3D, just like Ant Attack but better. Each screen is a mini-adventure in itself and will take some time to solve.

As with Sabreman's other adventures, your clue comes in the form of a poem printed on the cassette inlay.

Knight Lore's is called "The Most Tunes" and says...

Knight Lore

The Wizard's older now than all
His help you seek within his wall
For forty days your quest may last
Locate the potion, make it fast
This hideous spell upon your soul
To lose its hold must be your goal
Beware the traps from here begin
The cauldron tells what must go in
To break the curse and make the spell
To save yourself and make you well

Like real adventure games, you can use the objects lying around. If you can't reach something that's too high, move a table so that you can stand on it.

You may even have to carry objects from one room to another to put them to best use.

Knight Lore

Control is via the keyboard or joystick. You can choose between Kempston and Interface 2.

At the bottom of the screen, a moon and sun move alternately across a sky to signify night and day. By day you take the character of Sabreman but, as the moon rises in the sky, you become a Werewolf.

I did find it annoying having to wait while my character changed personality twice each day, but that's what you pay for having a wizard putting a spell on you.

Knight Lore

You have a time limit of 40 days to find the wizard, though each day lasts just a few minutes in "real life".

I've never seen graphics as good as this on any micro game. No wonder it's taken so long to appear. Like many other software companies, Ultimate claims that their game takes the Spectrum to its limits.

Play Knight Lore and you'll believe them.