Knight Games
By English
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #59

Knight Games

Let the games begin! The men cheer, the ladies scream, and the trumpets, well, er... trumpet I suppose. Anyway, this is all to put you in the mood for Knight Games, the new one from English Software.

As you may have heard, Knight Games is all about medieval combat, Sir Lancelot and all that. So, after reading the very clear instructions, I decided to challenge the computer at the first event - Sword Fighting. I pressed the button, and the game began.

I found myself face to face with a big, bad knight, who started to bash me across the arm with his sword. I'm not having that, I thought, so quickly moving the joystick up, I crashed my sword on his head. I think I hurt him...

Knight Games

As you continue to battle, you win shields from your opponent, which all add up at the end of the fight. Also, your energy is made of small round rose-shaped circles, which are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

After four minutes, which is the time the fight lasts on the novice level, I had smashed my opponent very hard indeed, and I had more points. I had won! This was so exciting, I couldn't wait to get on with the other events, starting with Quarterstaff.

After it had loaded - yes, I'm afraid it is one of those awful multi-load jobs - pressing the button took me into the fight once more. Smack, Pow! It's easy to start fighting again because English have made all the events with the same control, with the exception of Archery and Crossbow. After mashing him to death again, I thought I'd go on to the next one, Archery.

Knight Games

This was different, as you had to aim the cursor, and then press fire to - quite obviously - fire. This event got a bit boring, so I quickly went on to Ball and Chain - I'll bash him across the head with this mace...

This was really good, and pretending that I was playing against the Ed was even better.

After playing the next two events, I came to a nasty conclusion; they were all near enough the same. I'm afraid so. Although you look different in each one, the moves are basically similar and it gets very boring after a while.

Still, as this game has good graphics and sound, it may get bought up quickly, but if you stop and stare at it, you may change your mind. Check it out before you buy. It may save you £8.95.