Klax (Enigma Variations) Review | Crash - Everygamegoing


By Enigma Variations
Sam Coupe

Published in Crash #89


It's the Nineties and it's time for... another SAM Coupe game! The concept of Klax is simple. Different coloured tiles roll towards you and you have to catch them on your paddle and flip them into one of five bins. The idea is to make a set number of Klaxes from the tiles, where a Klax is a stack of like-coloured tiles in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Once you've made a Klax, these tiles disappear and the other move down. Simple, eh?

The basic levels of the game, where you must make three-high Klaxes, are easy to complete. It doesn't stay easy for long, though. On later levels you have to attempt a large X, five in a row or long diagonals. For extra bonus points, you can set up the tiles to cause a chain reaction of Klaxes (and that's really difficult).

The paddle can hold a maximum of five tiles at a time. After this, they just drop off the edge and put the drop meter up. Depending on the level, you're allowed a set number of drops before you get the dreaded "Game Over" sign.

As well as multi-coloured tiles spinning towards you, there are also wild tiles that flash on and off. These can be used to complete a Klax of any colour - or if you are really clever, you can drop one to complete two Klaxes at the same time!

Klax is one of those games you either love or hate - I love it. All puzzle game freaks will find it a great challenge, but it can get very annoying when things start to go wrong.

Every few waves the background graphics change to another excellent scene (converted from the ST, no doubt) to add a bit of variety. The tune and sound effects are pretty neat, too.

This is a great version of Klax, and just so all SAM Coupe owners can brag to their friends, it looks and plays just like the Atari ST and Amiga games!


Overall 84%
A frantic game where you need to keep your wits about you. Great entertainment!