Kidnap (Creative Sparks) Review | Your Sinclair - Everygamegoing

Your Sinclair

By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #8


Kkrudd to the left of me, Kkrudd to the right, Kkrudd, Kkrudd, everywhere and not a Kkrudd to eat. The mega-evil (or is it medieval - this game concept's so old) Krudd are the baddies who've pinched all the babies and cruelly put them into suspended animation about their house.

Hence the name of this little gem from Creative Sparks - Kidnap. Hah, I bet all you Robert Louis Stephenson fans out there were getting steamed up with the idea we'd be wandering the Scottish moors? No such luck. Instead, we're inside Kkrudd House and your task is to travel around it, collect the babies and return them to the Magic Pram. And all because you've got to save civilization.

This high-speed platform arcade has thirty-two screens split into four quadrants on eight levels. All the baddies (and there are quite a few thou of 'em) repeat the same circuit, but there are so many of 'em that your little lunar module look-a-like is really gonna have to shift. Luckily you've plenty of lives (well, five anyway) and various ladders and lifts to whizz you away from it all. And, if you don't make one of those death defying leaps beware of the stomach churning plunge to the depths. Like Dumbo you're unarmed and harmless, relying on your reflexes, wits and forward planning. It's fast, furious and fun, fun, fun. And all accompanied by the most frenetic music. Kkrudd, Kkrudd, glorious Kkiudd.