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Home Computing Weekly

By Micromega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

Kentilla is a graphically illustrated adventure, written by Derek Brewster. This is written in very slick machine-code, with a sophisticated input interpreter, which allows not only good sized sentences, questions and speech, but also the facility to look into a new location *before* you get there.

The illustrations are rather small but stylish and swiftly drawn, and the text presentation clear and colourful.

Whether you find it addictive or not depends on your taste in plots. This one has you cast in the role of the potential saviour of the universe, boldly going in Caraland to seek the demonic being Graka who has within his grasp the Moonstone of Algrath.

Carrying, if you can find it, Kentilla, the sword of the mighty warrior Ashka, you'll soon he assailed by creatures whose names are so long and obscure, that by the time you have deciphered them and tried to say hello to them, they've attacked you at least, and quite possibly killed you.

Very nicely executed, but prefaced with Micromega's new anti-pirate loader which appears to be rather slow.


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