By Leisure Genius
BBC Model B

Published in Computer & Video Games #39


This game is based on the board game and not, I'm assured, on the Kensington Killer sandwiches which our friendly sandwich man brings around to the office every morning.

Kensington is a strategy board game from the people who brought you Scrabble and Cluedo.

The board consists of seven intersecting hexagons of which three are white, two blue and two red. One player is blue, the other red, and you must place your counters so as to occupy either a white hexagon or one of your own colour.


There are two parts to a game. In part one, players alternately place one of their fifteen stones on one of the intersecting lines which make up the playing area. When this is done, you can move your stones along the lines of the board.

You can either play against another person and use the computer as a board, or play against the computer on your own. The machine has three skill levels.

If you like board games but can never find a willing opponent then this is certainly one for your collection.