Your Sinclair

Kendo Warrior

Author: Jonathan Davies
Publisher: Byte Back
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #47

Kendo Warrior

Would you believe - someone's managed to find a martial art that hasn't already been converted to the Speccy. A big step forward eh? And what's more they've made quite a neat little game out of it. Nothing too original, you understand, but at least they haven t gone drastically wrong anywhere.

Kendo, from what I can work out, seems to be a case of waving a sword about and hoping that someone's standing in the way. At least, that was the technique I managed to perfect. Kendo Warrior is spread over loads of screens, some of which are blocked off by force fields, and others by gun turrets which shoot at random. The building which all this takes place in (which turns out to be an enemy headquarters of some kind) is also patrolled by various kinds of fiendish foe. The ones I've encountered so far have taken either human or canine form, and have physically abused me in a variety of different ways. There also appears to be a slight adventure tendency to the game, with one or two puzzles to be solved.

The graphics are definitely above average, it's fun to play, and worth giving a go.

Jonathan Davies

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