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Keio Flying Squadron
Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #49

Keio Flying Squadron 2

In an Out Now awash with mega games, Keio Flying Squadron 2 looks quite modest in comparison. While nothing groundbreaking, this is a frantic and completely bizarre platformer which is a lot more fun than rival titles like Astal, Gex and Johnny Bazookatone.

Just about everything gets thrown into the technicolour mix here - underwater stages, rollercoaster sequences and puzzle sections stand alongside shooting levels that are familiar from the original Keio game on Mega CD. This is really distinguished by its absolutely crazymadbonkers bosses which range from Sumo wrestlers with stalk eyes to a giant tractor-cum-bald bloke who's a bit mean with a paint bucket.

Seasoned gamers might find this all a bit too kitsch and, more importantly, a bit too easy. If this doesn't put you off then you're in for a treat.


Junior gamers will go for Keio's colourful mix of game-styles and manga madness.