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Karate Combat
By Superior

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Karate Combat

Though the Specomstrad market has been drenched with martial arts programs, the BBC market has been a bit sparse in what seems to be the computer world's favourite sport.

Karate Combat is also Superior's first venture into the crazed Japanese maniac market, the format of the game is similar to most, in as much as there are two combatants - one of whom can be the computer. They are in the Japanese equivalent of an arena complete with a rather gross judge squatting upon high.

Your energy - or rather your penalty score is represented as a bar chart at the top of the screen.

The judge assesses your performance and docks points from your opponent whenever you hit him. He will also dock points from you if your style is bad. This means that, if you use a particular move more than a couple of times in a row, you will get your score reduced.

This is a great advance on most computer combat simulations where you can get an opponent into a particular position and then repeatedly get him with the same move until until he gets zapped.

This game is very good and is amongst the best of the combat simulations that I have seen on any computer. I found this much more enjoyable to play than Melbourne House's Way Of The Exploding Fist.

The controls are easy to master, even on keyboard control, and with a joystick it is very easy. The computer opponent is very strong and will prevent you from raising your level too easily.

This game is also very good for young kids to play. A group of 6-8 year olds got the hand of it in no time (much to my annoyance)! On the whole, this is a very worthwhile game and is a must for martial arts fans with Beebs.