Joe Blade III

Publisher: Players Premier
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #100

Joe Blade III

Ol' Joe's out on patrol again, aiming to put an end to the devilish goings-on of his arch enemy, Crax Bloodfinger. Cheeky Crax has kidnapped six top politicians and is holding them to ransom in his secret fortress. Worse still, his hideaway is packed with primed explosive devices and, of course, he's brought in loads of mercenaries to guard against any would-be rescuers. Such trivialities won't put Joe off though, and he storms in.

Joe Blade III is strikingly similar to the first Joe Blade game, almost to the point of being a straight copy. However, that didn't put me off playing the game for quite a while, and having a lot of fun in the process. The bomb disposal sub-games get the adrenalin flowing, and the map layout is as fiendish as before.

If you don't mind playing three quid for a game that's almost the same as the prequel then buy Joe Blade III - it's not bad at all, really.


Little difference between this and the Spectrum game, apart from the cosmetics. A fun shoot-n-search game that's been seen and done before.


May be too similar to the original for many people's tastes, but as enjoyable as the first Joe Blade game in the long run. Don't bother if deja vu worries you though.