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Home Computing Weekly

Jet Boot Jack
By English
Atari 400/800

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Want to enhance your music collection? Simple. Put on a pair of jet boots, soar along to the local record pressing plan and catch all the spare notes hanging about. What? Well, that's what Jet Boot Jack does.

With the aid of your joystick, Jack will spurt through the plant machinery picking up notes as he goes. Obstacles increase in number according to the level of difficulty. They take the form of bug-like creatures overhanging the route our Jack is to take. Should Jack collide with one he loses a life. The bugs contract and expand in a disquieting manner. Collisions though, are obligatory for the orange pods scattered throughout; they refuel Jack's boots.

Movement between floors is accomplished by an exasperating interlocking network of lifts and slides. Points are for bugs destroyed (by Jack bouncing on them) and notes collected. Bonus points are available.

This colourful game is of arcade standard. Sound is used well and graphics are noteworthy. Jet Boot Jack should please most addicts. Needs joystick.