Home Computing Weekly

Jet Boot Jack
By English
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

This is an arcade game with 10 screens. Jack, a multi-coloured jogger with jet boots, is found in a record-pressing factory. Each screen has about six levels between which elevators move. Littered around are musical notes which must be collected. Jack's boots soon run out fuel, however, so lumps of vinyl hanging from the roof must be collected when there's a need, but at the same time, Jack must duck beneath any areas of low roof and rather nasty hanging gremlins and bugs - otherwise it's curtains! He is allowed to get his own back though. By positioning him above the hanging nasty, and jumping up and down, the gremlin is dislodged and falls to his death.

Graphically, the game is reasonably sophisticated and smooth, though the colours chosen seem a bit wishy-washy, and the music isn't quite right. Rather repetitive too.

Because it's not the usual zapping and jumping, practice is needed. Don't try to climb aboard the elevators and platforms when they're moving either. Thankfully, there's a practice mode; in fact one of the most welcome features of this game is the facility to choose colours for each type of monitor, joystick or keyboard control, difficulty, start screen, number of nasties and so on. Other software houses please copy!

Sad to report, therefore, that I didn't find it very addictive, though it's certainly a challenge. Given the graphical standard of games like Sorcery, and the rather worn concept used here, I found this rather uninspiring.


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