By Micromega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #39


The craze for this year certainly seems to be graphical adventure games.

This latest from Micromega is better than most, and also a lot harder.

You are controlling a cute character called Jasper who can move left to right and jump. The easiest way to remember the rules is that anything which moves will kill you.


As Jasper moves off the side of a screen, he will re-appear on another. You don't have to collect all the objects on a screen at once, but you can come back to them later if you want.

Before you even start to play the game, the first thing you'll notice is that there aren't any blue and yellow flashing border stripes while the game loads. This is a feature of Micromega's turbo loader and it works well. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the title screen without being hypnotised at the same time.

The graphics are gorgeous. Beehives hang from trees and rather large bees flap their wings as they fly. A rabbit hops around on some of the screens and his back legs move in and out just like the real thing. There are also leopards after you which move very realistically.


The instructions which come with the game are deliberately brief. The idea is that you find things out for yourself, just like in a real adventure. Some of the objects which are lying around should be collected and will help you on later screens. Others won't.

A tune plays in the background during the game, though you can turn this off.

All in all, a good, non-violent game. Unless, of course, a coconut falls off the tree and squashes the bunny!