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It's TV Showtime
By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #89

It's TV Showtime

Have you ever fancied taking part in a gameshow alongside some of the world's elite hosts, Bob Monkhouse, Paul Daniels, Bob Holness, Jim Bowen and Gordon Burns? Well, It's TV Showtime allows you to do just that with all five games in one pack. The compilation includes Bullseye, The Krypton Factor, Bob's Full House, Every Second Counts and Blockbusters.

Each game follows their shows closely but are graphically dull and most have awful multi-loads. The best of the bunch for graphics and presentation is The Krypton Factor. Each section has to load in separately (even on the 128K machine) but feature the graphics from the show. Unfortunately, one of the best sections of the TV show, the video clip bit, isn't there.

If you are a freaky fan of these gameshows and think you can put up with lots of badly digitised graphics and animation, well, this is for you. Normal people look elsewhere.