International Karate
By Endurance Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

International Karate

Well, it's finally here, after much singing and dancing... Will it topple Exploding Fist as karate champ or not? Let's compare the two. Exploding Fist characters are nicely drawn and excellently animated. However, although not bad, the animation and graphics are not quite up to that standard.

The backgrounds on Fist were colourful and ornamental, but on International Karate they are colourful, recognisable and superb.

The gameplay on Fist was good with only one life, whereas with International Karate it is the best of three fights on each round and after each round a bonus screen can be attempted which consists of, on the first bonus screen, a wood block smashing attempt with bonus points for each block smashed and, on the second bonus screen, smashing or avoiding flying objects.

Sound on the Fist was limited to spot effects which were good but sparse, International Karate boasts great spot effects, music and excellent clear speech which announces the start, the scores and the results of the contest (a bit like Jimmy Hill).

Altogether the package is a winner with its international backgrounds and terrific speech. If you already have The Fist this may not be on your list. However, I've got both and play them equally.