Infiltrator II
By Mindscape International Inc
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #78

Infiltrator II

Infiltrator II is the continuing story of the diabolical Mad Leader who is hell-bent on world domination.

Our hero, Johnny "Jimbo-Baby" McGibbits has been assigned a mission of great importance - to destroy him. Here's a short run-down on this most critical mission...

As Johnny, it is your task to fly a helicopter behind enemy lines to a specified destination, successfully complete a ground assignment within the Mad Leader's installations, and fly on back to Home Base. This has to be done three times, although all specific destinations and goals are different to that described above.

Infiltrator II: The Next Day

Mission one has you searching the Mad Leader's installation for chemical labs in which vats of deadly nerve gas is being formulated. Here, you must fly in and neutralize these vats before it is distributed around the world.

The flight sequence in this mission only is optional. You are able to skip it by making the appropriate selection on the mission menu that appears after the title screen.

This selection will not appear on the mission menu of the other two missions.

Infiltrator II: The Next Day

Within this and the other missions, you are equipped with a selection of apparatus which is essential to your missions and must be used with great caution and accuracy. You will also find extra equipment as you travel through the complexes such as Gas Grenades, Alarm Keycards and Security card passes with which you get into the unauthorised areas where your main objectives are located, behind locked doors.

The second mission is somewhat harder and you'll need to make use of a couple of your special items to resolve this problem.

What you must do is this - discover all the Mad Leader's missile rooms and deactivate them. Also locate and cause a meltdown of the Mad Leader's nuclear reactor. As if this should pose a problem.

Infiltrator II: The Next Day

When you have found your objectives, you are instructed to present a four-digit disable code number. All this sounds so easy but you must permanently type-in guessed numbers into the missile decoder, and hope each time that you have made the right guess. The Reactor is much simpler to destroy.

Mission three sounds easy but it turns out to be quite the opposite. Here, your objective is to seek out and find the Mad Leader himself, install a small brain implant in his noodle (pretty talented guy this Johnny!) and return for the third and final time to Home Base. To find the right Mr. Mad Leader, you must use your Brain scanning device to determine who's who.

All these characters will be sitting down in a chair and will therefore be easy to spot.

Infiltrator II: The Next Day

When in the flight sequence, flying your helicopter is no easy task. You must keep a close eye on not only your instruments but also on any enemy and allied aircraft.

Air traffic can be rather dense at times and if you are spotted, they will request some ID. As soon as you have taken off, you must program the on-board computer with the destination co-ordinates' otherwise you shall be flying blind and aimlessly.

In all of your ground missions, it is essential for you to find and use, correctly, an assortment of security and alarm key cards.

Infiltrator II: The Next Day

The thing that strikes you first when you load up the game is its similarity to the original Infiltrator.

There is no difference at all between the two except, that is, Infiltrator II has greater playability and a lot more screens to play around in.

Although Infiltrator II is extremely hard and you can very easily get rather fed up with it. Infiltrator II has, more or less, no drawbacks at all, and is well worth playing.