By Mindscape International Inc
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #60


Who is the Infiltrator? Is it Tim, Jim, Paul or Chubby? No, it's Johnny. Who's Johnny? Well, he is Johnny 'Jimbo Baby' McGibbits, Ace helicopter pilot, ballistics expert, neurosurgeon, rock star, motorcycle racer, and a devil-may-care all round good guy, with a nifty haircut. That's who!

He is also known as the Infiltrator. And he has been assigned a very dangerous mission - to stop the Mad Leader (gasp, wow, gulp!).

The Mad Leader is one of those Blofeld types from James Bond, wanting total control of the world. So, you must stop him, we can't have him ruling the world because he spits when he talks and begins all his sentences with the word "Basically".


To start your mission, you must climb into your Gizmo DHX-1 Attack Helicopter, and head for the enemy base.

First you must power up your 'copter and then set your ADF computer heading by looking at the tactical map, and then programming it into your on-board computer.

Control of your 'copter is fairly difficult at first, but once you've read the instructions carefully, you'll soon get the hang of it. But, just when you think you can handle yourself, some guy starts hassling you for your ID code.


What do you do? Well, if you think he is an enemy, you send the code OVERLORD. But if you think he's one of your buddies, then send the code INFILTRATOR. If you get the right code, the other craft will give you an encouraging message and you may proceed. If he fires a heat-seeking missile, launch a flare and it will chase that instead of you.

Now it's your turn, and you can blast him with laser cannons or heat-seeking missiles - my favourites.

The secret is this. Wait until the guy is in your view then turn towards him and let him have it. If all goes well he should detour in front of you, and bam! Another one bites the dust, yet da da dum dum dum dum, another one bits the dust [Get on with it! - Ed].


Now once you have found the base, you must land and infiltrate it. You now find yourself in the enemy base, which of course is where the enemy must hang out.

Johnny is armed with a camera, mine detector, a spray can of gas, and five gas grenades, some explosives and essential and vitally important forged papers.

What you must do now is photograph the enemy plans. By exploring the various buildings, and dodging guards you will eventually come to the papers and photograph them.


You have to be very careful when exploring the building though as some guards will be able to tell a forged pass and will sound the alarm. If someone does this you can get your own back by silencing them - permanently!

Once you have got the photo, get back to your 'copter and get home, where another mission is all ready for you to take it on.

Infiltrator is graphically excellent. You get a nice view of the cockpit with realistic hands at the controls. When you move the joystick, the hands move too. Great stuff!


The sound also adds to the realistic effect. You get a very real sort of whooooooo and chug chug chug as the blades spin round. The gameplay is good - but the initial difficulty may put you off. But remember, perseverance will pay off.

Anything to complain about? Well, one thing. The disk could be a little faster, perhaps a turbo load such as Vorpal might help. The time it takes to dish up the map and damage report is quite annoying.

Other than that it's a great game. And we all thank the man who made it possible. Johnny 'Jimbo Baby' McGibbits. [Don't forget he had a little help from Chris Gray - Ed]


PS. We can now reveal, due to the playing skills of our staff, what the other missions are. There are two more missions:

Mission 2: You must rescue Dr Phineas Gump, and destroy the enemy weapons lab.

Mission 3: The Final Mission. You must destroy the enemy ICBM Launch and Tracking Base. This must be the most important mission, as it tells you that the fate of the world is in your hands.