Inferno (Vanadis) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Vanadis
BBC Model B

Published in Computer & Video Games #71


Go to hell, say Vanadis Software! You've been dumped in Dante's Inferno, and must get out. Dante's map of Hell is provided, but the scientist who dumped you there says it's out of date. (I didn't know Hell had been redesigned!)

Two flippable 40-track disks sounds like a lot of adventure, until you discover that it's been written with GAC, and it's split into four parts. That means you get pictures (Yay!) but also that the games are smaller.

The graphics are most jolly. I never knew Hell was so colourful! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of killing them, despite the fact that GAC supports this feature.

Inferno has quite long atmospheric description (maximum 255 characters), vocabulary is adequate, and a list is even provided. It is a pity, though, that you can't SAY (answer) but have to ANSWER (answer). The text at the start of part one suffers badly from typos; another bad point is that some commands simply have no response whatsoever. And there is a bug in part two - do not press COPY!

With a few humorous moments, on the whole Inferno is one of those serious adventures.

John Yeates