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ZX Computing

Incredible Shrinking Fireman
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #25

Incredible Shrinking Sphere

The incredible expanding Mastertronic catalogue has been enlarged further by the Incredible Shrinking fireman an although incredible is not exactly the word that comes to mind to describe the game, it is a passable 'seek-out-the-objects' game.

Shuffling Sid the fearless fireman has had an accident. While fearlessly fighting a fire at a huge shrinking plant he's been reduced to microscopic size after blundering into a shrinking machine. Determined to enlarge himself back to normal size he must seek out a stretching rack which is in five parts, scattered around the factory.

Objects are strewn around the place, represented by diamond shapes and only by referring to the menu and examining the objecct can you find out if it's worth picking up. The shrink factory houses objects such as digital watches, a night shade, french onions and an ID card. Only some of these should be held onto but the choice is far from obvious. Sid is an accomplished jumper and some seemingly aimless leaps could propel you through the ceiling to another part of the complex. It's a question of jump and see.

To thwart you in your aims are a number of hovering ghouls and ghosts but they don't present too much of a threat to Sid and fail to give the game a challenging edge. The graphics are simple, but adequate for a budget game and Sid himself is a pleasing enough character. Small in scope and small in ambition, Incredible Shrinking Fireman certainly won't fire the imagination but if you want a game that will be mildly diverting for an hour or so, it will do - at a stretch.