Your Sinclair

Impossible Mission II

Author: Jonathan Davies
Publisher: Kixx
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #57

Impossible Mission II

It's not too hard to work out what this one's the sequel too. The idea is that you've got to penetrate the usual fortress, disarm a bomb missile and generally save the world. En route you'll need to work out a few secret codes, and there's a bit here about assembling a musical sequence as well. It all sounds pretty thrilling, anyway.

As with the first game, the fortress is made up of a whole lot of rooms which are connected by passages and lifts. Each room is full of platforms, lifts, furniture and robots.

The fun comes when you've got to search these rooms for bits of code while simultaneously avoiding the robots. It looks a bit ropey graphically, but IM 2 IS a bit of a challenge for those with time to spare.

Jonathan Davies

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