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Illustrating SuperBasic On The Sinclair QL
By Cambridge University Press
Sinclair QL

Published in Sinclair User #43

Illustrating Superbasic On The Sinclair QL


IF YOU ARE not the sort of person who likes being lectured, illustrating SuperBasic on the Sinclair QL, by Donald Alcock, should please you.

The book looks as if it has been hand written and contains hundreds of pictures and diagrams. Each major topic is given one section. The author starts with introductory examples, showing how the QL line editor works and finishes with a look at the direct entry of commands.

At the end, Alcock has included an appendix of funny smells: things that don't work as expected or contradict the user guide.

If the text had been printed in normal type and diagrams given more space, the book would be ideal for beginners. As it is, you should think twice before purchasing it.

John Gilbert

Illustrating SuperBasic on the Sinclair QL Publisher Cambridge University Press Price: £5.95 (paperback)


John Gilbert