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Ice Temple
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #63

Ice Temple

Intergalactic space council worker and trainee mega-hero, Nick Razor, having just received his salary cheque for his last job for the council which involved going around the galaxy filling in all the black holes, decided to spend it on a brand new fuel injection over-head cam, 1600 turbo Space Cruiser - with furry dice.

But on the same day he bought it, he only had to leave it outside the newsagents, to find it gone when he came back. Some little yob nicked his motor!!!

Whoever stole Nick's pride and joy must have tripped the hyperspace button, because when eventually found, it was on a remote planet.

He tracked it down to the Ice Temple, which Nick quickly realises is just a clever disguise for a thermionic reactor which is drawing energy from the planet's core and turning the whole planet into an icy waste.

Evil aliens are using it to power their space ships and invade earth.

Nick MUST take each of the eight pieces of the reactor and dump them down the refuse chutes, so saving mankind and life as we know it...

OK? Ready? Then off we go! This is a game in the Starquake tradition. Nice graphics, good gameplay and lots of puzzles to be solved.

Nick begins the game minus his spaceship moving around the maze-like planet using his trusty jet-pack.

But you'll soon discover that the ship is ALWAYS one location down and one to the left. Once you've found the ship you can get around a lot quicker and in less danger from the nasties which infest every screen.

You can also store objects in the ship - which is useful as you can only carry so many in the pockets of your space suit. You have to get out of the ship in order to collect things though...

Sometimes bits of reactor are hidden under things - so explore carefully. Watch for signposts which point the way to rooms with disposal chutes in.

Yellow force fields flash on and off and if you're quick enough you can beat them. Blue force fields need to be switched off. Watch for a switch or a credit card slot nearby - it must be the right colour card.

Blue teleports require the right colour cards. You can destroy walls by dropping bombs in rooms.

Ice Temple is a pretty playable arcade adventure. Nothing new - but very mappable and fun to play.