Sinclair User

I, Ball
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #62

I, Ball

The good news is that you'll love I, Ball.

Lots of great colour and zippy sound effects (which include some digitised Daleks) in this game where you must rescue your four ball-like friends, Lover-Ball, Eddy-Ball, Glow-Ball and No-Ball (the fifth would have been Policemans-Ball, bets) who have been captured by... who the hell cares... just blow them away!

It's a smooth vertical scroller, with the object being to reach the end of each stage without being killed by the animated, kamikaze nasties that appear on the screen. You have to weave your way around some nicely designed obstacles - but watch out if they're glowing - one touch is fatal.

I, Ball

Starting off, you only have a single stream of bubbles with which to zap and they are maybe), but as you make your way through the screens, you can pick up Power Discs, that will add to your armoury, until you become... yup, invinsea-Ball! These powers include Turbo Boost, Multiple Lasers, etc. but each time you loose a life, you loose the best.

It plays like a dream, it's technically competent, just about the right level of difficulty, and its uncannily addictive.

I have the odd doubt about its long term last term lastability, but at the price, who cares?

Overall Summary

Neat aracde shooter with more sparkle and originality than most budget titles. As for the plot - forget it.

Jack Daniel

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