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Hypersonic II
By Pentagram
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #86

Hypersonic II

Right, well, this is a demo, and rather a stonky one at that. Agent-X, whose endearing and self-effacing comments like 'I'm the world's worst coder' make ordinary programmers want to attack him with cupboards, has produced something awfully strange. It comes in two flavours, a drastically-cut 48K version and the 128K demo currently sitting in my +D.

The demo opens on an old man sitting in a decrepit shack. He's disturbed by a really creepy sound (some lovely samples here) and to the accompaniment of some dramatic music (more samples) gets all worried (cue jolly atmospheric pic). There are some mysterious coughing sounds, glass breaks, and then! Agent-X delivers the worst punchline in the history of comedy. (I won't spoil it for you.)

The intro is followed by a 'water scrolly' (ie one that wibbles as it scrolls), a pic of Agent with balls coming out of his nose, a four-way scrolly in a cross and a really nice end bit with a huge 'safari' silhouette bouncing around the place. Well worth getting. A pity the 48K version has only the 'balls' pic and that scrolly cross thing, but there you go.

Jon Pillar

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