Big K

By English
Atari 400/800

Published in Big K #8


I dunno, maybe I'm too goal-orientated, but taking on wave after wave of 'creatures' (Krunks? Xillicks? Zoomerangs?) seems about as interesting as train spotting.

Bang, bang, bang goes your Space Cannon. Ding, ding, ding go the creatures. The cannon, which slides back and forth at ground level, has three missiles, the centre one firing first, followed by the wings. When you hit one of the creatures circling rather aimlessly above you, it drops a flurry of missiles and if you don't get out from under, you lose one of your five lives. Missiles also come your way in a rather off-hand fashion anyway. Rather usefully (for reviewers at least) there's a demo mode, so you can watch the whole thing cycle through its paces.

I discovered one sneaky technique, opening up just as the creatures boiled out of thin air, or hyperspace or whatever, which often produced a gratifying, if occasionally lethal, rain of debris, thinning the swine out straight away. Big mistake is to get caught in a corner.

Standard arcade shoot-'em-up stuff but well translated with goodish graphics and sound effects. Worth a look if you're into Defender and the like.