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Hyper Viper
By Kuma Computers

Published in Personal Computer Games #15

Hyper Viper

This game somehow manages to be quite compulsive despite the many drawbacks it labours under.

It's a maze game - or a 'vast labyrinth' game as the blurb prefers to call it. The figure you control is a half-orange, half-green head which has a voracious appetite. On the menu are the various vipers snaking their way around the labyrinth - gobble them up from the rear for a really tasty meal. You can also munch fruit for bonuses and consume the odd scorpion.

Hyper Viper has very little in the way of originality or graphic interest - and the scrolling is truly horrible, especially if you choose a faster speed. Yet it is fun to play and gets very exciting after a maze or two. It's essentially Pac-Man crossed with Snake: but good computer games never die.

Peter Connor

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