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Home Computing Weekly

Hot Pop
By Hudson
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #113

Following in the Japanese tradition of Donkey Kong, the title tells you nothing about the game. Having nothing to do with Wham or Prince, the game actually involves a land of platforms inhabited by strange, cute car mutants.

Looking a bit like a VW Beetle with stubby legs instead of wheels, the creature is controlled by you in a quest to find its girlfriend trapped at the top of the screen. To reach her he must first collect all the fruit on the screen by climbing rope ladders, jumping or using trampolines whilst avoiding the enemy mutants. Should you collide with the enemy you plunge into the river at the foot of the screen; if you succeed you temporarily win the girl.

After two screens there is a bonus screen which is fairly easy to complete, just collect the fruit and get the girl as quickly as you can.

In play the game did not appear too demanding because. there was only one opponent but completion of one screen led me to progressively harder screens with an increasing number of problems to be solved. Had this been all that was involved I would have said this is child's play but its one saving grace is that the game can be modified by using a joystick and the function keys.

There is a second level of play which has a number of flying opponents zig-zagging across the screen. The music is annoyingly repetitive, the game is reasonably entertaining but nothing revolutionary here.


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