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Home Computing Weekly

Here And There With The Mr. Men
By Mirrorsoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Here & There is a suite of programs designed to teach children about directions and route planning. It revolves around the lovable Mr. Men characters familiar to any child.

This package consists of four programs. In Mr. Tickle's Jigsaw Puzzle you use the cursor keys to line up small gaps with various parts of Mr. Tickle. In Mr. Tickle and Mr. Grumpy, you guide Mr. Tickle's arm towards Mr. Tickle's arm towards Mr. Grumpy using one-letter commands. In Mr. Lazy, you guide a worm up a tree towards an apple using commands similar to the previous game. Lastly, in Mr. Men Vs. Mr. Tickle, you have to guide four Mr. Men to force back Mr. Tickle on a chess board.

All the games feature colourful characters and good animation. Sound is used to good effect. Most important at the end of each game there is always a special bit of cartoon animation or a jingle which certainly gives the child incentive to continue. Although the instructions could have been more comprehensive, this package represents good value for money. After all, it is four games for the price of one.


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