Your Sinclair

Henry's Hoard

Author: Rick Robson
Publisher: Alternative
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #7

Henry's Hoard

You'll be glad to know that Henry's Hoard has nothing to do with where Henry Cooper stores his nuts. Henry is another one of those cuddly knights who's aim in life is to stagger around a castle built with all the homely feel and user-friendly capacity of the Broadwater Farm Estate.

At least I think he's a knight. He's not been dubbed (though he's frequently scratched and my feelings are mixed) and the tacky graphics don't lead to easy identification. Either way he till has to search the imaginatively named Magic Castle in search of the Golden Hoard. Our 'Enery has to face elves and dwarves and curious power points that seem to have been time warped in from Sellafield. All zap you into County Oblivion. But as in all magical dwellings, certain rooms have recuperative powers that'll return any of the six lives you might've lost.

It's easy to scoff at a cheapie and I'm no fan of this type of game - platforms went out with Slade as far as I'm concerned. But with over 50 locations and 200 sword and saucerish items to collect, this is as thorough-going a game as you'll get at the price.

And for all the corners Alternative Software has cut, it's maintained the essence of a good game. Fred may not have the benefit of inertia, he can apparently defy gravity endlessly and his jumping movements suggest a congenital deficiency. However, the castle rooms are cunningly constructed so that you definitely have to look before you leap. Getting out of those room is worse than getting off Spaghetti Junction. And it's no fun, I can tell you. Apparently Henry's Hoard II is on its way - and who can blame 'em?

Rick Robson

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