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By Nintendo
Nintendo (US Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #76


Gumshoe is an arcade adventure for the Nintendo Light Gun with you taking the role of Stephenson (Doesn't sound very tough) and trying to get the missus back, but the evil King Dom (who is this man?) is holding her to ransom and wants you to deliver five diamonds as ransom.

You play against a smooth scrolling backdrop and must move constantly. Your Mac-clad here moves 1 by shooting just below his feet to make him jump onto platforms where he wastes the nasties.

There are absolutely zillions of sections to work through with many different and challenging obstacles. There are low (and high) flying bottles, boulders, sneaky pits, cars, grasshoppers, flying fish and platforms to negotiate. I could not put this game away! It is ridiculous, the play is simple but very challenging. There are four sections to work through (work being the word) and you can restart at the section you last went out of.

Graphics, sound and presentation are slick and you will be missing out on a real GEM (sorry!).

An absolute must for light gunners.