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Gribbly's Day Out
By Hewson Consultants
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #45

Gribbly's Day Out

Something strangely cute is about to hit our computer screens - an armless, one-footed charmer called Gribbly. Could this be the debut of a new cult figure?

In his first original game for Hewson Consultants, Andrew Braybrook could be on to a winner with Gribbly's Day Out.

Gribbly lives on Blabgor, a world of elevated islands, forests and cosy caves.

Gribbly's Day Out

He shares this world with the young Gribblets whose hard shells shield their developing brains from the sunshine.

Gribbly must collect these Gribblets and get them to safety on a ledge away from the more primitive creatures that infest Blabgor.

Joystick mastery is vital as Gribbly bounces and levitates over sixteen screens, each springing to more than 30 times the screen display area.

Gribbly has an unusual way of seeing off these unfriendly lifeforms. Deadly rays or massive explosions are not for him. He simply blows bubbles at them.

Gribbly's Day Out features some very smooth scrolling graphics and multiple sound effects. It's fun to play, especially for the younger gamesters.

But the real star is Gribbly. His large eyes, comic expressions, and bubble-blowing antics are a real treat.

We defy anybody not to smile at him.

Gribbly's Day Out comes complete with a small booklet explaining all about life on Blabgor and the joys and perils to be found there.