Gribbly's Day Out

Publisher: Rack-It
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #47

Gribbly's Special Day Out

Long counted as a classic C64 game, Andy Braybrook's cute 'n cuddly masterpiece is now available at a thoroughly reasonable price. For those five people unfamiliar with the plot of the game, here's a brief rundown...

Gribbly is a one-footed character that lives on the planet Blabgo. Also on the planet lives Seon, the evil mutant Blabgorian, who likes nothing more than kidnapping little gribblets. You must find all the gribblets and hide them in a cave before Seon can take them.

Gribbly's Day Out has lost none of its charm since its release in mid-1985 and now that the scroll routines have been polished up a bit, it even keeps up with today's programming standards. Even if you've got the original, but this anyway. Only joking, harhar! [Shut up! - Ed]