Computer Gamer

Green Beret

Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Green Beret

Green Beret was originally a highly successful game in the arcades. Based around a 'Rambo' style figure who has to invade a Russian base to recover some hostages who are graphically depicted up against the wall complete with blindfolds.

The game is based around a left-right scrolling background, with baddies attacking you from all angles.

To defend yourself, you have a commando knife, with which you can stab away merrily - though without all the realistic blood that spurts out in the arcades, that would be asking a bit much from the humble Spectrum perhaps.

Green Beret

As you progress, other weapons become available to you such as a bazooka and a rifle. With these you can blow up and shoot them, as well as still stabbing at close quarters.

Things to avoid as you slash your way through the marauding Russian hordes are mines (instant death on contact) and the special baddies. As well as the usual cannon fodder, there is the occasional baddy that can shoot you or jump up and kick you in the head!

These last sorts of baddies are more common than in the arcade version, which makes the game harder, and changes the whole balance of the game. This is a shame as the original arcade version had just the right mixture and balance to provide a game whose difficulty level smoothly progresses through to the end of the game - making it easy to start, but more challenging at the end. Some gamers thought that the game was a bit too easy to start with; perhaps the chaps at Imagine thought so too. If so, then they will be happy, though I'm not so sure.

The conversion is very good. All the animation is there and the spirit of the game has been preserved throughout - a task that is extremely difficult on the Spectrum.