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By Hama
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 2.10

Better than figures and numbers

Designed as a learning and revision facility for O and A level maths and science. Graph-easy (HaMa Software) produces visual mathematics.

Anyone who finds difficulty understanding the language of equations can use the program to display a wide range of curves on cartesian coordinates, thus obtaining an easy means of viewing the changes which occur when equations are modified.

It gives an understanding and feel for mathematics which cannot be gained from lists of figures and numbers.

This type of visual reinforce ment is invaluable and should help to remove some of the mystery and fear from math ematics, especially when using the program to set up graphical representations of real problems involving maxima, minima and intersection.

The program is easy to use and the screen display well set out. My only criticisms are that the axes are drawn too thick and that the border colours, though patriotic, are rather garish.

The equations of the curves are shown at the bottom of the screen and these can be altered from the keyboard. On entry into the program two curves are drawn and it is the equations of these curves which can be modified.

Full use is made of the user defined keys for implementing various options and a bleep is sounded at the completion of each task.

The scales of the axes can be altered and equations can be differentiated and displayed.

Areas under curves can be found and displayed, a vertical cursor can be moved along the x axis to obtain x/y coordinates of a curve at any point.

There is also an option which enables data to be entered on the graph and displayed as a number of joined or discrete points. A best fit line can then be drawn through these points and the equation of this line is shown below the graph.

Despite a few minor errors the manual is thorough and easy to follow.

It starts by leading the user through a number of appli cations and includes quite a number of useful questions and answers aimed at teaching how best to use the program.

Despite the quality and usefulness of the program the price of £19.95 may deter private sales, but as it is an excellent teaching aid it should find its way into educational establishments.

John Daddy

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