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Grand Prix
By Superior/Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Computer & Video Games #70

Grand Prix

Grand Prix is a motor racing game that lets you design your own race circuits, although you also have 18 pre-defined race tracks - including Brands Hatch and Monaco.

It reminded me of Atari's Pole Position, since the layout of the screen, as seen by the driver, is very similar. But with Grand Prix you get a lot more extras.

You've got the choice of playing against a mate or the computer. The computer, I might say, has taken good care to give itself the advantage of a faster car, which of course never crashes! So you've got to be good to keep up.

One neat touch is the way each driver has his or her own separate view on the screen, which adds to the realism.

Controlling the car is straightforward enough. You have keys for accelerate, brake, left and right - although joystick would probably be a better bet.

You can't take corners too fast, and watch out for the humpback bridges - if you're too fast, you'll blow up. The 'radar' at the bottom of the screen tells you where you are and warns you about bends and bridges.

Sound, colour and graphics are all good, with smooth animation. All in all, Grand Prix is a good bet for all those armchair Nigel Mansells.