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Gumboot Software

Gorilla & Fast Food
By Gumboot Software
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum January/February 1985

This pair of games represents excellent value for money. Fast Food is a highly comical game in which the aim is to get a penguin to eat as much food as possible. The food can be anything from hamburgers to bananas, and drops like manna from heaven. You have to move the penguin along and position the mouth directly under the food. The gobbling action is really funny and kiddies will love this game.

Gorilla is yet another version of Kong, but with somewhat different screens than usual. As usual, the idea is to jump over fireballs and climb ladders, tc. If you haven't already got Kong or Colour Kong, then this part of games would represent a very good buy as both are fast, playable and fun.

Lynne Reeve